2015: What’s to Watch?

Since last year I had many reviews, so starting now I’m gonna write all my watching list here, on this page. Several might have reviews, and several might have no reviews. It depends on my impression of it.

 No.  Title  Impression  Note  Review
 1.  What Happens to My Family  Recommended! Bittersweet story of a family.*Sobs* *Smile* *Sobs *Laugh*  K-drama  Review
 2.  Healer Good drama! Complicated things in finding the truth. Conspiracy, reporter life, mysterious night courrier, dark past, romance, and family. But kinda disappointed at the finale episode.  K-drama  Review
 3.  Kill Me Heal Me  Great! Jisung and Hwang Jung Eum Reunion! Jisung as Cha Do Hyun, lonely man with 7 personalities and Hwang Jung Eum as Oh Ri Jin, his secret doctor who cares about him. Lonely Plus the mysterious past. What’s his relationship with our Lead Male & Female?  K-Drama  Review
 4.  Tazza 2  > 140 mins movie! This time Go Ni’s nephew tries his luck on gambling.  K-Movie  Review
 5.  The Imitation Game  Benedict Cumberbatch did a great job!  Movie  Review
6.  My Brilliant Life  Dae Soo and Mi Ra had a baby while they were still in high school. The baby boy is named Ah Reum and he has Progeria syndrome, a rare genetic defect that will cause their baby to show advanced aging from an early age. It’s so touching. Kang Dong Won and Song Hye Kyo have great chemistry as parents. It’s so sad to see Ah Reum.”My father asked me,’What do you want to be if you’re born again?’ I answered quietly,’Father, I want to be a father.’ My father asked me,’There are better things to be, why’d you want to be me?’ I answered quietly,’Father, if I become a father, have a kid like me then I’ll understand what it feels like to be you.'” (Ah Reum)  K-Movie  Review
 7.  A Girl at My Door  Collaboration of two great main actresses  Movie  Review
 8.  Abnormal Summit  I began this variety because of the popularity. The members are from all around the world. It’s nice to see more cultures, mindsets, opinions, etc.  Variety  Review
 9.  Where is My Friend’s House?  Abnormal Summit’s Spin off, where the members visit one of their friend’s house.  Variety  Review
 10.  Heart to Heart  Cha Hong Do can not meet people because of anthrophobia. “Anthropophobia is an extreme, pathological form of shyness and timidity.” One day she met Ko Yi Suk an annoying player psychriatrist. It’s really disturbing too see Cha Hong Do who fears of people. She can’t meet people. She wears helmet everyday. She can only hide her feeling for detective Jang Do Soo. And then she finally decided to get theraphy from Ko Yi Suk. Here comes the sweet psychological comedy romance drama where they heal each other. It gets better after several episodes, when they realized their feelings.  K-Drama  Review
 11.  Jekyll, Hide, and Me  We have Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min collaboration/reunion here, wow! But, forgive my expeectation. Main leads aren’t enough. I don’t like the storyline. I don’t really like Hyun Bin’s style as Goo Seo Jin. I can’t stand the cheesy scenes. Especially, there is Kill Me Heal Me as a better drama to watch.  K-Drama  Review
 12.  The Technicians/The Con Artists  3 con artists who works together to steal million dollars money. Who can you believe? The movie about money, team, betrayal. But nothing is special from this movie. No intense scenes and The storyline is kinda makes me sleppy. Pardon me. So so.. Nothing special.  K-Movie  Review
 13.  Elegant Lies/Thread of Lies  The aftereffect of Cheon Ji’s suicide. She was a victim of bullying. Yup another movie with social-issue! Her mother and sister were very sorry and sad. Anyway it’s kinda awkward/funny to see Yoo Ah In since he and Kim Hee Ae also were together as couple on Secret Love Affair..  K-Movie  Review
 14.  Do You See Seoul?/Unforgettable  Another drama-movie from Korea. Yeah.. It’s an old movie of Yoo Seung Ho and Kim Yoo Jung. Haha.. Suddenly I feel so old.They were such a cute kids. Back to thirty years old ago, Gil Soo is one of a student at remote island. One day, the teacher Eun-young wants to take her students on a field trip to a cookie factory in Seoul. Gil Soo uses this chance to find his mother in Seoul. Now Gil Soo is also a teacher and his experience as teacher reminds him of those childhood moments.  K-Movie  Review
 15.  Vampire Prosecutor  The cases from this drama are interesting. Worth to watch. The main character is a vampire who works as prosecutor and his vampire ability helps him to solve the case. Beside all of the cases, there’s also main story about his past.  K-Drama  Review
 16.  Ho Goo’s Love / Fool’s Love  Comedy romance from TvN. It’s just an ordinary story of an ordinary guy called Kang Ho Goo. His life suddenly changes after meeting his old friend, Do Do Hee. Do Do Hee is a beautiful swimmer, but she’s pregnant. One Day Ho Goo and Do Hee met. A light storyline.  K-Drama  Review
 17.  Unkind Ladies / Unkind Women  Recommended family drama with only 24 episodes to watch. I don’t have expectation when I started this drama, but it’s actually really good. The drama series contains the story of three generations of women: a grandmother, her two daughters and her granddaughter. With Kim Hye Ja as grandmother. I suggest you to watch this drama. It’s funny and entertaining.  K-Drama  Review
 18.  Supper Daddy/Supper Daddy Yeol  Cha Mi Rae is a single parent. She has a 10 year girl named Cha Sa Rang. But she was diagnosed she is diagnosed with cancer. With one year to live, she decided to prepare Han Yeol, her first love to become a good dad for Sa Rang. In the past Cha Mi Rae had a history with Yeol. And they’re actually still have that feeling. Well I’m sure the viewers already knew the real daddy. And it’s getting boring when the typical sick heroine wants to leave the one she loved for the sake of happiness.  K-Drama  Review
 19.  Missing Noir M  Double combo, another criminal drama featuring Kim Kang Woo and Park Hee Sun. They’re going to solve the 1% special missing case. What do you expect from a criminal story? Unexpected twist and complicated cases anyone?  K-Drama  Review
 20.  Fasten Your Seatbelt Ha Jung Woo as director/screenwriter! The story tells about Ma Jun Kyu, a playboy actor who has many scandals. He was on the flight with other passengers. The story turns into funny thing, from Ma Jun Kyu fans who were on the plane, the cameos, until the bad weather. Everyone’s panic during the bad weather including Ma Jun Kyu who curses a lot. There are simple yet funny things like “Sooyoung” as girlfriend’s name, the cameos, the shaved reporter man, etc.  K-Movie  Review
 21.  Manhole  Another Korean thriller drama. Beware of manhole! Morale of the story: do not wandering alone at night! A serial killer haunts. A man (who has a dark memory as a child) kidnaps people from manhole. A father trying to find his daughter, and a sister trying to save her mute sister. No emotional past story or twist, I guess this movie’s focusing on suspense scenes.  K-Movie  Review
 22.  Falling for Innocence / Falling for Soon Jung  Spring has come and more good dramas are coming! Yes! I’m falling in love with this drama. It has a strong impression even from the very first episode. At first, I watched it because of the cast, I thought it’s gonna be romantic comedy drama with the cold hearted business man falling in love with lead female after the heart surgery. But it exceeded my expectation with the strong opening from the opening episodes. You can say what a twist of fate.. Kang Min Ho only has one month to live, but he has to finish his revenge to his bad uncle. What if he suddenly get a heart donor and it changes him in personality, especially he begins to fall in love with Soon Jung.”  K-Drama  Review
 23.  Let’s Eat 2  Welcome back 식샤님 aka Goo Dae Young. Welcome back Doo Joon, but bye for the rest of Let’s Eat cast. I’m kinda miss the old cast from Let’s Eat 1 when I heard the news that Goo Dae Young will move into new area. Sobs.. Yeah life goes on, sometimes the happy end from a drama doesn’t last forever. Dae Young had a hard time after the first season of Let’s Eat. Anyway the mokbang drama gets more food scenes. Even non-Korean foods. Dae Young moves to new area and coincidentally meets his old friend-nemy a.k.a lead female. I like their friendship better than romantic relationship.  K-Drama  Review
 24.  The Avengers Age of Ultron  The Avengers kembali hadir. Masih dengan para superhero the film pertamanya, kali ini dengan aksi yang lebih keren daripada sebelumnya. Selain mereka ada karakter Quicksilver dan Scarlet Witch. Si Quicksilver di sini karakternya berbeda dengan X-Men Days of Future Past. Tapi dua bersaudara ini cukup mewarnai film. Untuk after credit scene, hanya ada mid credit scene, tanpa post credit.  Movie  Review
 25.  The Lover  It depicts the controversial subject of cohabiting couples. Yup! it’s a drama for adults with all those hilarious/crazy/messy/disgusting scenes. There are 4 couples in this apartment (510, 609, 610, 709) with various backgrounds. It’s not a typical comedy romance drama because it depicts their daily lifes, relationships, and problems.  K-Drama  Review
 26.  School 2015 : Who Are You  Eun Bi and Eun Byul are twins. But they grew up as orphanage. One day, they were separated because Eun Byul was adopted by a woman. They’re living different ways. Eun Bi as a victim of bullying in Tongyang while Eun Byul as a rude girl in Seoul high school. When Eun Bi was trying to kill herself, she believed Eun Byul has helped her. Instead of Eun Bi, Eun Byul died. But people guess Eun Bi was the one who died. Since that day, Eun Bi lives as Eun Byul  K-Drama  Review
 27.  Ex Girlfriends Club  Soo Jin is a film producer. She needs to make a movie for her living. Her company decides to make a film based on a popular webtoon by Myeong Soo. The story is about his ex-girlfriends. Myeong Soo and Soo Jin also had ‘some’ relationship in the past. The beginning might not be very interesting. It’s kinda boring for several episodes..  K-Drama  Review
 28.  Warm and Cozy / Jeju Island Gatsby  Lee Jung Joo decided to left Seoul. Now she lives in Jeju. She met her ‘ex twin’ chef Geun Woo. They first met in Jeju 10 years ago when Jung Joo fried to find her birth mother. Now they met again. Geun Woo thinks Jung Joo is sick and he wants Jung Joo to have a happy life, that’s why he sells his restaurant for cheap price and they live together.  K-Drama  Review
 29.  Orange Marmalade  The first episode was actually not too bad. The vampires are exist amongst the people. Though those vampires can’t live freely in society. I don’t read the webtoon, but I guess the drama is not my type. After several episodes, I decided to give up since the teenager, musical things, and the high school story aren’t into me.  K-Drama  Review
 30.  Producer  It’s not a typical K-Drama aka mockumentary. As I expected, the drama tells us about the daily life of producers. KBS is promoting their variety shows through this drama. There’s also interview segment with the cast (kinda reminds me of Modern Family). Maybe it’s gonna be boring because of the long duration but the cast and cameo will help a lot.  K-Drama  Review
 31.  Chronicle of Blood Merchant Nothing so special. I expected more from Ha Jung Woo x Ha Ji Won. This family movie tells you a story of caring and believing each other.  K-Movie  Review
 32.  C’est si Bon  I don’t usually watch musical. But the movie is like a magnet. I enjoyed every musical thing. Get ready for eargasm.  K-Movie  Review
 33.  Twenty  The friendship of 20-years old guys. Not as good as I expected. Actually it’s kinda boring.  K-Movie  Review
 34.  I Remember You/Hello Monster  Criminal / romantic drama. Lee Hyeon lives as orphanage for years. There was this serial killer called Lee Joon Young who ruined his life. He’s really good in reading and manipulating people including Hyeon’s family. Now Hyeon is an adult, he’s searching for his long lost brother and trying to investigate the cases with Cha Ji An’s team. Cha Ji An was also a ‘victim’ of Lee Joon Young. I didn’t really expect anything at first, but It has interesting plot. What has happened in the past? Who are these mysterious guys? Is Min still alive? It’s interesting to follow the unusual storyline. It’s nice to see Cha Ji An and Lee Hyeon healing each other, the development of their characters, and of course the main plot about Lee Joon Young. Who cares about the unskilled officer teams or the small cases. Because we have this Lee Joon Young mystery.  K-Drama  Review
 35.  Mask  Byun Ji Sook comes from a poor family but suddenly her life changes after becoming Seo In Ha (her doppelganger). Now she has to live as a new identity. As you can see in many K-dramas, chaebol family has many problems inside the family. Seo In Ha then meets Min Woo as her husband and got tangled. The problem with most of tje drama these days is: it becomes uninteresting in the middle until the end. Too bad pheww..  K-Drama  Review
 36.  The Time We Were Not in Love  The 17 years friendship of Won and Oh Ha Na. Won secretly loves Ha Na but he doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. So both of them are in their friendzone. Who is the worst second lead male in drama history? It could be Cha Seo Hoo.. Grrr.. I really hate this self centered guy aka Ha Na’s ex. How could Ha Na stupidly chose him again. It’s annoying. Many viewers got annoyed because of this. The story was too predictable.  K-Drama  Review
 37.  The Scholar Who Walks the Night  Maybe because I have a big expectation and now I’m kinda dissapointed. There are more and more disappointing dramas. The first eps was okay but after several eps, I find it dragging. I feel like 20 eps are too long. I don’t know about the manhwa but I don’t really like the dragging storyline. So.. Sorry!  K-Drama  Review
 38.  Inside Out  Finally I watched this movie because of the positive reviews. What am I expecting? A touching yet funny story like Wall-E and Up. It’s actually a really simple storyline about a kid and the emotions inside her. There are Joy, Sad, Anger, Fear, and Disgust. What I like from this movie is: “Joy” might be important in our life but sometimes it is not the most important thing. Sometimes you need “Sad” to pour out your sadness and solve the problem. And I love Bing Bong, the scene stealer!  Movie  Review
 39.  Nothern Limit Line  Based on the true incident “Second Battle of Yeonpyeong” that occurred on June 29, 2002 between a North Korean and South Korean.  K-Movie  Review
 40.  Assasination  Let’s go to the 1930s when Koreans were still fighting for independence. The assassination plot is intended to take out a pro-Japanese group. Agent Yeom gives order to An Ok-Yoon, Soksapo, and Hwang Deok Sam to run the assasination. Meanwhile, Hawaii Pistol and his partner Younggam are hired to take out those team by a traitor. The duration is kinda long. First hour is for the introduction. And the second hour is for the assasination plot. It’s interesting and the of course the whole cast are awesome!  K-Movie  Review
 41.  Ode to My Father  Depicts the lives of Duksu and family in difficult times after the Korean War. Duksu lost his father and his little sister during the war. Even after years and years, Duk Su is still having a hard time during his life.  K-Movie  Review
 42.  Night Flight  The story of broken boys from unperfect families and bullying issue at a high school. How desperate a bullying victim. How a gay male student becomes the next bullying victim. How the teachers close their eyes to the issues. For them.. the most importance thing is making top student. It’s a social issue that actually could happen in real life.  K-Movie  Review
 43.  Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials The duration is longer than I expected. Basically I enjoyed this movie. Several intense action scenes are cool.  Movie  Review
 44.  Two Weddings and A Funeral This is kinda old movie actually. But I’m not interested. Got this movie recommendation from forum, so I started to watch. It’s not as good as I expected. The ending was too easy and too good to be true.  K-Movie  Review
 45.  Coin Locker Girl Il Young is an orphan. She was raised by ‘mother’ a leader of loan shark group. As an adult now Il Young needs to do the dirty job as well. Kim Go Eun is our rising rookie! She and Kim Hye Soo, both are great actress!  K-Movie  Review
 46.  Veteran The untouchable chaebol jerk vs the unstoppable detective. Yoo Ah In really suits the role, haha.. you know.. his facial expression and the ‘sick’ attitude of a chaebol jerk. The storyline is really simple actually. The chaebol jerk who buys everything with money. He covers up every dirty job. Typical. Until an unstoppable detective seeks for justice. He is not afraid of chaebol power. The comedy brighten up the mood. I din’t expect a comedy action movie will be on the top of 2015 Korea box office.  K-Movie  Review
 47.  Shoot Me in The Heart Thank you subbers! Finally after a long wait! Soo Myung was sent to a psychiatric hospital since he was teenager due to schizophrenia. While Seung Min was hospitalized because of his wealthy family’s inheritance fight. Seung Min is actually a cheerful guy. He has a dream to fly away and enjoy skydiving. With the help of the friends from hospital, he tries to escape. While Soo Myung begins to follow him. I love the quote: There are two kinds of people in this hospital. The people who lost their mind and send off to this hospital and the people who were sent off to this hospital to lost their mind.  K-Movie  Review
 48.  Oh My Ghostess It is a romcom drama from TvN. Na Bong Sun is a timid girl who can see ghost. She works in a restaurant, and likes the chef so much. But she’s to timid. One day, a virgin ghost possesed her and she became brighter and cheerful girl. What I like from this drama is actually the mystery behind the virgin ghost. We will know why she died, what has happened, I feel like Na Bong Sun character is built for the romcom storyline. As I expected, the virgin ghost character makes the story more interesting. Yeah, it’s Kim Seul Gi after all!   K-Drama  Review
 49.  Perfect Proposal What if someone offfers you a big sum of money while you’re in a big debt? But the thing is.. You need to do the ‘dirty thing’ to achieve it. Will you become a Cinderella or will you become a criminal? I enjoyed the movie.   K-Movie  Review
 50.  Classified File Based on true story in 1978. A little girl named Eun Joo has been kidnaped. Her mother was told that Eun Joo has gone forever by shamans. Until Mr. Kim told her that Eun Joo’s still alive and they need detective Gong to save Eun Joo. Detective Gong actually doesn’t believe in supersitition but then they’re working together to save Eun Joo. I wasn’t trying to tell the story of a kidnapping. These two men who did all they could do to save a little girl 30 years ago, who have kept their amazing achievements to themselves all these years. Although someone else takes the proper credits of their work.  K-Movie  Review
 51.  Silenced / Crucible Yup it’s an old movie that I watched recently. *Movie marathon mode on* I am hunting movies these days. Well, it’s inspired by a true story. In Ho is a new teacher in Mujin city. He teaches hearing impaired kids. Too bad, from the very first day he already has bad feeling. Slowly, he reveals the abusing issue. Even the worst part is the headmaster and teacher who sexually abuses his students. In Ho who is a father feels guilty if he doesn’t help the kids. Then he calls Yoojin who works at Mujin Human Rights Center. Together they fight for the kids even if it’s really hard to get justice. Headmaster has all the money and good image in the church. He tries everything to escape from verdict. Life is unfair, huh..?  K-Movie  Review
 52.  The Shameless Park Joon Kil is a fugitive. Everybody is looking for him. Detective Jung Jae Gon then approaches Hye Kyoung (Jae Gon girlfriend) as an old friend of Joon Kil. He develops feeling during the those time. Since Kim Nam Gil characters often ‘die’, I was also curious about Jae Gon ending lol. Pardon me.  K-Movie  Review
 53.  No Tears for the Dead Gon was hired to kill a woman. He actually has killed her child and husband then he needs to kill that woman. But he’s feeling guilty after killing a child. That’s why he hesitates to kill this woman. Nothing new from this kind of movie. The action is quite enjoyable. Gunshot.. Gunshot everywhere..  K-Movie  Review
 54.  A Company Man I can not remember why I didn’t finish this movie when I first watched it. But I continue it again.. Hyeong Do works as assasin in a assasin company. From outside it looks like an ordinary metal company so no one suspects it. Hyeong Do has killed many people as his job, but this time, he can not kill a junior of him. It becomes a problem when his boss suspects him. And then Hyeong Do begins to change after meeting a woman, his junior’s mom. Can he become an ordinary office worker and run away from his boss? There’s actually a little twist and it’s quite enjoyable movie.  K-Movie  Review
 55.  Harmony I just watched this sad movie after all of these years. It’s actually a simple story about the women prisoners, their story, and the choir activity, but it was really sad. Thumbs up! I cried during watching this movie.  K-Movie  Review
 56.  Han Gong Ju I actually has seen this movie before but without a proper sub. This time I understand it well because of the proper sub Han Gong Ju is a rape-victim who tries to live a new life in a new school. But the criminals side who are also his high school friends still try to find her to get her agreement to avoid the law sentence. Can she live a new life? It’s a present story about Han Gong Ju and her new life, there are also several flashback scenes that explain what has happened to her.  K-Movie  Review
 57.  Scarlet Innocence A literature professor moves to a village because of an affair issue. When he teaches writing class, he meets a young student and also got involved in an affair issue. One day, the affair issue in Seoul has been cleared and he leaves that young student. After several years, the girl comes back for a revenge.  K-Movie  Review
 58.  Tough as Iron Kang Chul struggles to find money for her mother’s hospital bills. Until he got involved with a gang. It’s a family movie about a son and mom. How Kang Chul tries his best for his mom.  K-Movie  Review
 59.  Modern Family Season 7 Ah! I almost forgot.. Modern Family season 7 has been aired since September.  Series  Review
 60.  Beauty Inside Wow! There are 123 people for main lead. This is a fantasy romance about Woo Jin, his face changes every day when he wakes up. Yup.. It’s a unique movie 🙂 He’s having a hard time because of that. Until he met a woman and fell in love with her. Can she face this reality?  K-Movie  Review
 61.  She was Pretty Kim Hyejin is Sung Joon frist love. When she was a teen, she’s a pretty kid but I guess she didn’t survive the puberty because of her father’s gen. Meanwhile Sung Joon is the opposite. A fat kid who survived puberty and became a success person. Hyejin can’t meet him because of her apperance so she asked her friend to be ‘fake’ Hyejin. Until one day, Hyejin needs to work with Sung Joon. Sung Joon is a typical bossy and annoying lead male, meanwhile Shin Hyuk as the kind and caring second lead male. Yeah.. typical.  K-Drama  Review
 62.  The Village: Achiara’s Secret So Yoon has been living in Canada as orphan for years since she was a kid. until one day, her grandma passed away and she found a letter from Achiara in Korea. She believed that she has some relatives there. There were also an old newspaper about the accident. It was said that they’re all dead. But her grandma hid those things. So Yoon believes there’s something in Achiara. Meanwhile, strange thing begins to happen.  K-drama  Review
 63.  The Silenced 1938, Joo Ran/Shizuko was sent into a boarding school. And the mystery begins.. There was also a girl named Shizuko. She has disappeared. One by one, the girl disappeared. There is something going on with the principle of boarding house. It’s an interesting story. I can’t guess where it leads. But I guess this kind of movie is not really my type.  K-Movie  Review
 64.  Collective Invention / Mutant Park Goo is a victim of experimental drug. Now he has a body and a head of a fish. Poor him. How can he live as a normal guy especially with named Joo Jin. While Sang Won is a reporter. In the process, he learns how to become a real reporter. A reporter needs to know the truth. This is a movie about social issue. Someone like Park Goo is just a weak victim. It’s a unique movie, funny yet touching. It’s sad too see Park Goo as a fish but he makes us laugh. Yeah, it’s a black comedy movie.  K-Movie  Review
 65.  Empire of Lust / The Age of Innocence Kim Min Jae is a commander. Yi Bang Won is a prince who has the ambission to be a king one day. Jin is Min Jae’s son and princess’ husband. Jin has one problem. He’s a pervert and it becomes a problem. Kim Min Jae was also dragged because of Jin’s adultery issue. There’s no epic battle or epic fight scene. Basically it’s not an action movie. It’s focusing on Jin’s scandal, revenge, and conspiracy.  K-Movie  Review
 66.  Cart Sun Hee is a mom of two. She works as a contract worker in a store. Along with other cotract workers, will be dismissed. They work together to fight for their rights. This is a social issue movie that was inspired by a true story.  K-Movie  Review
 67.  The Unjust One day, Korea was terrified by a serial killer. The suspect was shot to death by cops before interrogation. It leads to the dead end. Police department wants to close this case as soon as possible. To do the job, they will need a scapegoat and someone to do the dirty job. Agent Choi was chosen to do this dirty job. With the help of a gangster, he tries to frame a mentally-ill man. Meanwhile prosecutor Joo also works on this case. Choi knows that Joo has a bribing history with his sponsor, while prosecutor Joo also knows that Choi has a dirty work to frame the mentally-ill man. The story about police department, dirty works, and conspiracy.  K-Movie  Review
 68.  Cheer Up / Sassy Go Go! Okay, it’s really a teenage drama that doesn’t really suit me well. But i watched it since it only has 12 episode. Basically, it’s a high school drama with the typical school problems in Korea. Then you add some cheesy things, some friendship things, and a little bit cheerleading things.  K-Drama  Review
 69.  Bedevilled Let’s get back to great old movie-marathon. Ah, Bedevilled is such a tense movie. A little bit intro in the opening might be unimportant for you. But it became a mysterious story after Hae Won arrived on a remote island. She met Bok Nam, her childhood friend who has a hard time. The villagers, even her husband treat her as animal. Until, one day Hae Won witness something that she couldn’t imagine.  K-Movie  Review
 70.  Sunny Another old movie about friendship. The kids in this movie are familiar actresses these days, Shim Eun Kyung, Kang So Ra, Nam Bo Ra, Min Hyo Rin, etc. This is the story about friendship. Now they are in their 40’s and a friend is sick. Her wish is to see all the member of “Sunny” and it brings out all the memory in the past.  K-Movie  Review
 71.  dr.Ian Almost forgot to put this web drama on my list. Basically dr.Ian has quite interesting story. About a doctor who sacrifice for the one he loved. Then there’s a girl he met. A girl who is feeling hurt because of love. They are healing each other.  Web Drama  Review
 72.  We Broke Up Web drama from a webtoon. About a couple who broke up. I like Dara here better than dr.Ian. More attractive, funny, adorable that suit her well.  Web Drama  Review
 73.  Psychic / Haunters Cho In can control people within his field of sight. He lives with that supernatural power of him. Kyu Nam has just joined a pawn shop. Cho In usually takes money from the pawn shop. Until one day he met Kyu Nam who is able to break free from his mind control abilities. Problem occurs. Go Soo and Kang Dong Won, both are great actors.  K-Movie  Review
 74.  Wonderful Nightmare / Miss Wife Yeon Woo is an attorney who lives alone. She works for money. Until one day she got a car accident and when she woke up, she was in heaven due to a mistake. Before she is able to return to her normal self, she must live as an ordinary housewife for a month with a husband and two kids. It feels like a nightmare for a success attorney like her. But she learns about life. Karma exists, second chance exists.  K-Movie  Review
 75.  We Got Married I started this because of Kim So Yeon. Lol.  Variety  Review
 76.  The Chaser Jung Ho (an ex detective) is facing a problem. His girls keep disappearing without any trace. His detective instinct says something is wrong. Mi Jin was sent to meet a customer as bait while Jung Ho tries to catch that suspicious customer. He finally catches the guy called Young Min and now he tries to save Mi Jin before it’s too late. Kim Yun Sook.. Ha Jung Woo.. Both are great actors.  K-Movie  Review
 77.  Reply 1988 / Answer Me 1988 A must-watch drama especially for those who have watched Reply 1998 and Reply 1994. Basically it’s the same feel, the same comedy drama, the same friendship story, and the same ‘husband mystery’.  K-Drama  Review
 78.  The Accidental Detective Dae Man has a talent to be a profiler, he likes to sniff around the police station. When Jun Soo, his fellow friend and detective was framed in a murder case, Dae Man and Detective Noh works together to help Jun Soo. Although they are not a good couple at first but the teamwork is getting better and better. While the second murder appears. Dae Man believes there is a connection with the case from year ago. The theory about criminal exchange is kinda interesting yet confusing me because they are a lot of people that might be suspicious. I guess it’s a comedy detective movie. But the case is actually more complicated. But there are some funny scenes, although not much. The funny thing is Lee Il Hwa makes a cameo as Detective No (Sung Dong Il)’s wife lol.. Haha the Reply couple is back.  K-Movie  Review
 79.  Set Me Free Young Jae lives in Issac’s House with foster parents. Afer being an adult he needs to live the house. Young Jae tries to find a new home that’s why he approaches the church organization. He can live in the church dorm if he become priest. But he’s actually not qualified as priest. In front of everyone, he makes a good image but behind them, he steals shoes and sell them at school to get money. One day, Young Jae’s dad tries to dump his younger brother on him. Young-Jae explodes with anger. This is a story about broken boy with a segmented viewers. Festival movie/arthouse movie type.  K-Movie  Review
 80.  Pluto A top student was found dead. While his roommate becomes a suspect. This is a story about high school students and their life. How important is the rank, how important to get a good mark, those things are more mportant than their social life, honesty, friendship, etc.

 K-Movie  Review
 81.  The Deal Another psycho vs detective movie. It’s so sad to see the victim and her family. Now the husband and his brother in law try to get justice for their beloved wife and sister.

 K-Movie  Review
 82.  Intimate Enemies Three people find suitcases with money. They become involved in a dangerous case. It’s not a serious movie. The story is simple.

 K-Movie  Review
 83.  The Throne / Sado If you watched enough saeguk dramas/movies, you’ll learn about Crown Prince Sado who had a tragic life. King Yeongjo has high expectations for the Crown Prince to be the next king. Meanwhile, the Crown Prince longs for a benevolent father rather than a strict King. The relationship between the King and Crown Prince becomes shattered. It’s sad to see their relationship.

 K-Movie  Review
 84.  Because It’s The First Time A teenage drama about the friendship, love, problem, etc. Maybe because I’m not a fan of Minho or Min Jae, so my fangirl mode didn’t turn on. Just not my cup of tea :p Only watched first few episodes, then stop.

 K-Drama  Review
 85.  oristmas An old drama with familiar faces> The story of students in prestigious private high school. In the christmas holiday, the 7 students who stay in the dorm receive mysterious letter. It’s only 8 eps mystery drama, but I don’t why I can’t enjoy this drama. Maybe because the acting, maybe because the pace.

 K-Drama  Review
 86.  Secret Message Starring Top of Bigbang and Ueno Juri. A story of Woo Hyun who is searching for the definiton of true love and Haruka who wants answer about her love.

 Web Drama  Review
 87.  Right Now, Wrong Then There are two segments in this movie, both are actually almost the same story. The second segment repeats the first segment with slight alterations in behaviour and attitude.

 K-Movie  Review
 88.  Running Man Still watching RM, but I can’t follow every eps of it. From a few months ago, I didn’t follow all of the newest episode anymore. Only when I have a time, or only when the guests are familiar or the concept is good.

 Variety  Review
 89.  Star Wars Episode IV – VI Rerun time! Just a recap for the most anticipating Staar Wars VII

 Movie  Review
 90.  Royal Tailor If usually most movies are focusing on the king, the throne, the war, the politic, and stuff. Now we’re focusing on Sanguiwon (the royal tailor) who is in charge of royal attire. Dol Seok (Han Suk Kyu) lives his live to make royal attire for years, then there is Kong Jin (Go Soo) who was born with designer talent. He likes to make different styles of clothes. The critic and problem appear when the royal attire also made by Kong Jin. it’s not only depicts on the royal tailor but also the jealousy, love, king and queen life.

 K-Movie  Review
 91.  Salut D’Amour A twist in the end will make a touching family movie. The duration of the movie is kinda too long for me.

 K-Movie  Review
 92.  Imaginary Cat One of Yoo Seung Ho’s comeback projects after military service. Based on webtoon, Hyun Jong Hyun is an webtoon artist, his lives with his best friend, Bonggil (a cat). I don’t really enjoy this drama. It’s not really interesting. Unless you are a cat freak like Cho Hye Jung’s character in this drama. Anyway talking about her, she’s the daughter of Cho Jae Hyun? Well, her acting doesn’t really stand out. I guess everyone will have higher expectation since her father is an actor.

 K-Drama  Review
 93.  Remember Another Yoo Seung Hoo drama. Jin Woo has hyperthymesia which allows him to remember almost every day in perfect detail. To prove the innocence of his father, Jin-Woo becomes a lawyer but he begins to lose his memory due to Alzheimer’s. I am not even sure about whether it’s my cup of tea or not. The beginning is quite good. The antagonist is a rich chaebol who buys everything with money.

 K-Drama  Review
 94.  The Chronicles of Evil Have you ever heard about policemen accusing an innocent man with mental disorder, in order to solve the case easily? It might not a new theme in criminal story. It also happens in the movie. Years later, someone is about to revenge to those policemen.

 K-Movie  Review
 95.  Splash Splash Love 2 episodes of Splash Splash Love are quite short for a drama. It wouldn’t be too complicated. The story of Dan Bi is a senior high school student who jumped into Joseon dynasty and met the King.

 Short Drama Special  Review
 96.  Punch I read the novel but I also feel like I’ve watched Punch before, but I’m not so sure. The story of Wan Deuk, a rebellious high school student from a poor household and the people around him.

 K-Movie  Review
 97.  Oh My Venus Another romcom drama. So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah are back. Those two names might be quite strong enough to make you watch this drama.It might reminds you of Birth of Beauty. The storyline is a typical chaebol cinderella story.

 K-Drama  Review
 98.  Perseverance Goo Hae Ra Watched it in the early of 2015. Yeahh.. maybe musical drama is not really my cup of tea. Lol. But actually this drama is not too cheesy. There are love, friendship, and family stories.

 K-Drama  Review
 99. The Piper Watched it a few months ago. I thought I have reviewed it. It’s not really teriffying. The first half of the movie is kinda slow. This kind of movie will give you unpleasant feeling after watching. :p Beware of the rats!

 K-Movie  Review
 100. The Virtual Bride I also almost forgot to put this on the list. It’s typical romcom drama that really easy to follow.

 K-Drama  Review
 101. The Treacherous I watched this because of the two leads. Not forget to mention this is a 17+ movie. The king is insane. Phew..

 K-Movie  Review
 102. Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens Yay! Finally watched this movie! Totally love all those nostalgic characters and moments.. Great job JJ Abrams! To all those who judged you? Let them haters sit and stare. And also I love the music! I usually don’t even care too much about the music.

 Movie  Review
 103. Everest What makes this movie special, because ‘based on true story’ label. So, this is not a typical disaster movie with a lot of amazing CG effects. It’s about surviving, friendship, family, and life.

 Movie  Review

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