2016: What’s to Watch?

The Wave
The Wave / Bolgen (Norway) is different from Hollywood style. There won’t be too many CG effects for the tsunami disaster. In fact, it’s kinda boring for me.

Missing Korea
In the future, North and South Korea have taken significant steps towards reunification. There’s a combined Miss Korea pageant. Sandara Park acted as one of North Korean who accidentally joined the competition. It’s a short web drama so don’t have a high expectation.
Web Drama

The (Black) Priests
It’s not as good as I thought. Maybe I had a really high expectation for this movie. There is not many intense exorcism scenes. What’s with the 12 evil spirits background story? I think the story and character bulding could be better. IMO.

Circle of Atonement
It’s a drama movie about the victims of murderer. Don’t expect a thriller or action movie. 10 years after a murder case, Nam Chul Woong still can not forget his fiance who died. Nam Chul Woong then meets Lee Jung Hyun the daughter of the murderer and also her new adoptive dad, Detective Lee Sang Won. Can Nam Chul Woong take a revenge?

The 5th Wave
It’s a scifi movie based on novel. A teenager named Cassie who lost her ordinary teenage life because of alien attacks. Don’t expect too many thrilling scenes or scary alien. The aliens look the same with people on earth. (If you ever watched V or The Event). So it’s difficult identify them. The unnecessary love story and illogical things ruin this movie. No wonder the score is just so so.

Cheese in the Trap
Here is the webtoon adaptation by Soon Ggi, Cheese in the Trap. I read the webtoon. It’s a preproduction drama. TvN and Soon Kki writernim make a great collabo. The drama is just straight to the point. Very enjoyable. The characters are more alive in the drama. I guess, everybody has chosen Park Hae Jin as Yoo Jung. I am glad Kim Go Eun joined this instead of Suzy. She’s great on her previous movies. I like the quirky side of her. So funny. She will make you smile or even laugh while watching her. But unfortunately, the there’s a little unconvience because many Jung scenes got cut off, the favoritism towards In Ho, and other issues with Soon Ggi and TvN about the ending. PDnim has started this promising drama but PDnim also has ended this with those issues. Tsk.

The Finest Hour
Well made movie. How the coast guards named Bernie Webber and his team could save the crews of the stricken tanker during horrific storm. Anything can happen in a fiction but this happens in REAL LIFE. So, this movie becomes more special.

High End Crush
The CEO who doesn’t understand love, finally falls for the first time with a pure woman.
Web Drama

The Revenant
Gore here and there.. Yeah it’s a great movie. I can’t imagine how Glass could survive alone. It’s an intense 2.5 hour movie.

Social Phobia
Kinda arthouse movie-type. How social medias influence us everyday.

Inside Men
I think there is nothing new from this movie, The politic mafia, the revenge, the law and justice.

Madame Antoine
It’s not that interesting. Sorry, but it’s kinda lame. I hope Han Ye Seul will pick good drama in the future.

One More Happy Ending
I think the ‘second chance’ storyline makes the drama interesting. The thirties with their own storylines, give you a new color in romantic comedy drama. How a single parent finally fell for his chilhood friend, how an ex-idol tried to find her true love.

Another interesting drama from TvN. If you love the crime drama or time travel drama, Signal has both. Park Hae Young from present and Lee Jae Han from past communicate through a walkie talkie and they are trying to solve the unsolved cases. Though their action will have consequences because the present will change. It’s really a recommended drama!

Neighborhood Hero
Sorry but I gave up after watching the first week episodes. I don’t really like the idea of this drama. It’s not my cup of tea.

Bad Guys Always Die
It’s a comedy action movie about some men who was kidnapped by mysterious woman. Then they are trying to save their life.

Joseon Magician
What makes the story interesting from any other Joseon story is the magician. It’s quite interesting.

Now I understand why Deadpool got fresh tomatoes and positive reviews. It’s actually typical (superhero) Hollywood movie with the experiment, bad guy, good guy, saving the woman. But the script and the jokes make this movie special. I myself laughed or smiled several times when Deadpool dissed X-Man, Taken, or even Ryan Renolds himself. The funniest part for me is X-Man jokes (Stewart or McAvoy | only cast the two X-Man because of low budget movie) and even he teased the viewers on the after-credit scene . It’s really entertaining. Oh.. although it’s funny but of course it’s not for kids.

I watched it after Academy Awards,  Brie Larson who just won the best actress in leading role. I saw the great score from Rottentomatoes. So I watched it and the story is quite great. How a mother and a son who lived in a warehouse for years, and they are trying to get some help. The son sees the outside world for the first time. Both Jack and Ma have great performance in the movie. But it’s not a memorable movie for me.

I guess the drama from award winning style is not my cup of coffee. I expected there would be touching flashback stories of the victims. But the movie is focusing on the reporters and their news.

Descendant of The Sun
DOTS is booming. The rating is getting higher and higher. I guess because of The ‘Songs’ effect and the fresh idea of war background story. Personally I like the side/second couple story. I guess it’s Kim Eun Seok signature style. The second couple is becoming scene stealer. IMO, I think this drama is kinda overrated. The interesting thing Song Hye Kyo’s drama is head to head vs Rain’s. While Joongki’s drama is head to head vs Moon Chae Won. They’ve worked together on previous projects.

Kung Fu Panda 3
Kai is the main antagonist. Five hundred years later, he returns to the mortal realm as a Spirit Warrior and steals the chi from kung fu masters, including Oogway and now he returns to the peaceful living world.

The Tiger
The story of Chun man Duk (the best hunter) and his story with tiger the forest king. The Japanese army are trying to hunt down this big tiger. Meanwhile Man Duk has a past story while hunting down the tigers. Choi Min Sik, once again shows his veteran acting skill.

Batman v Superman
Going with the hype and those pros and cons, for me (who is not a fangirl of DC) the middle part is kinda dragging, Batman and Superman reunification is also too easy. But the positive one, I agree that opening scene is cool, the crazy Lex Luthor steals the scnes, thumbsup for him, and the finale battle featuring Wonder Woman is enjoyable.

Page Turner
Three episodes of Page Turner, the story of a page turner and pianist. The story of teenagers and their dreams.
Short K-Drama

Come Back Mister
Too bad, this drama is head to head vs Descendants of the Sun. Because Comeback Ajusshi is actually a good drama. It’s funny yet touching. It’s unique (there are many leads and they are connecting to each other). It’s entertaining. Oh Yeon Seo steals the scenes. She’s shining in this drama.

Goodbye Mr. Black
After a few episodes, I think the drama is just so so. The story is also becoming too easy which can lead to plot hole potential.

A Violent Prosecutor
Byun Jae Wook is a short tempered prosecutor. One day he was framed while interogating a case. Someone is dead in the interogation room and Byun Jae Wook is arrested. Five years later, he met a con man in the prison. Then Byun Jae Wook works together with Chiwon to counterattack on those who framed him.
It’s an interesting movie. Kang Dong Won x Hwang Jung Min = Combo. It’s an entertaining, funny crime movie.

One Way Trip / Glory Day
The four friends were taking a trip to Pohang for a farewell party to Sang Woo who is going to enlist in military. But that night, they met a beaten woman. They were trying to help but instead they were framed for murderer. This movie is about friendship and their problems, like Bleak Night or Confession. It gives you an uneasy feeling after watching it.

Like for Likes / Happy Facebook
There are three main couples in this movie. Each of them has an interesting background story. A rising actor and writer hidden relationship, a man and a woman who live together as roommates, and young couple who try to build a relationship. It’s a romantic comedy movie with light & enjoyable story.

Love Lies
Back in the 1940’s, Jung So Yool and Seo Yeon Hee are best friends. Both works as gisaeng, So Yool has a dream to become a singer. She has a special man, Kim Yoon Woo who is also a songwriter. But their realtionship changes because Kim Yoon Woo choose Yeon Hee over So Yool, to sing his song. They even break So Yool heart.

X-Men Apocalypse
You can say that it’s nothing special in this movie. But I like the nostalgic feeling when you see the young member of X-Men. Quicksilver and Nightcrawler steal the scenes. Prof.X also has big role.

Journalist/The Exclusive’s: Beat the Devil’s Tattoo
A journalist just got fired. In order to get his positio back, he’s trying to make a scoop of a big news regarding serial killer but what happens when he got misleading clues that everyone believes. How can he fix it?

Soo Ah was in the mental hospital before. She told PD Na from a broadcasting station that she was kidnapped and sent into mental hospital forcefully. She was drugged there. PD Na believes that his step father sent his step daughter to get the inheritance. One day Soo Ah escaped from the fire that killed most of the people in that hospital. At the same day, his step father was also found dead. Now Soo Ah becomes a murder suspect.

Beautiful Gong Shim/Beauty of the Beast
Just another romantic comedy drama. Nothing is really special. It’s about an ordinary untalented girl and a man who wants to find out the truth behind an old kidnapping case. Nam Goong Min and Minah are the leads.

Unforgettable/Pure Love
It’s kinda reminds me of Sunny, a pure friendship story of teens who have grown up as adult. How beautiful and sad memories of them. Beside friendship, this drama also has a storyline of the first love.

Lucky Romance
Okay, Ryu Jun Yeol as the lead male and Hwang Jung Eum as lead female. There are also Lee Chung Ah and Lee Soo Hyuk. All of them have promising names. It’s about Shim Bo Nui who has a bad luck, so she really believes in superstition to help her. She’s now looking for a ‘tiger’. Meanwhile, the lead ‘tiger’ Su Ho really doesn’t believe in it. Haha.. Ryu Jun Yeol brings out the fashion of Su Ho with those shirt and short pants. And sometimes his serious face makes me burst into laugh. Lol

Dear My Friends
Another applause the realistic slice of life drama. The drama tells us about the story of mid-age women and their problems in life. From the lonely widow, unmarried woman, a mother and daughter problem, husband & in law problem, affair, etc. It’s really enjoyable. Full of laugh and touching stories. A recommended drama for everyone.

Phantom Detective
A man who was known as Hong Gil Dong now is searching for Kim Byeon Duk who killed his mother. While doing his job, he meets two adorable granddaughters of Kim Byeon Duk. Soon, Hong Gil Dong finds himself up against the ultra dark and powerful Gwangeunhwe organization.

Time Renegades
Ji Hwan from 1983 is connected to 2015 Detective Gun Woo in dreams. No one understand what is happening. Together they are trying to save So Eun in 2015, the girl who resembles Ji Hwan’s fiancee. Personally it’s not a memorable movie for me.

Master of Revenge/God of Noodles
Moo Myeong is an orphanage who seeks for revenge. There are also his orphanage friends. They are all connected to an evil man that has ruined their families. It’s quite interesting.

Missing You
The cute Shim Eun Kyung has turned into a strong girl who wants to revenge for his father’s death. Typical revenge movie.

The Wailing
It’s an interesting horror/thriller/zombie/disease/mystery/religious movie from Na Hong Jin. It’s not just a mystery drama like Moss, so the 2.5 hours was filled with interesting story. You won’t be bored. In fact, even until the end, you’re gonna be think about the movie again and again with many perceptions. The Japanese Man, the Shaman, or the village girl will you believe?

Beautiful Mind
Too bad but the drama isn’t my cup of tea. I feel like Park So Dam is just too young. She looks like a little girl in a police uniform.

If we comnpare this with beautiful Mind, I think Doctors is easier to be approach. The story is quite simple. Park Shin Hye is getting skinnier but she doesn’t look like a little girl like Park So Dam on Beautiful Mind.

There aren’t many thriller/mystery drama, so I don’t want to lose the opportunity to watch this drama. Hye Jung’s son was kidnapped and the kidnapper demand Hye Jung to be on a live show where she’s solving the mission from kidnapper every single day until they reach 10 episodes. It’s quite weird but it brings a new ambience in thriller mystery drama.

Squad 38
It’s quite interesting. i thought at first, the con man Yang Jung Do will team up with chief Baek from Seoul City Hall to collect taxes from the rich bad citizens. But it’s quite interesting. How the story turns out. How they are going to con. The plan is interesting and it’s fun to see their tricks. behind that, Jung Do has a mysterious motive.

Legend of Tarzan
The movie is so so. The interesting part only the gorilla haha

The movie is just like a fantasy movie. When every creature from the book came out and make a chaos in the world. They now need to simply make the story to make the creatures back to book. Nothing really special.

Same as above, nothing is special beside the comedy, some jokes are even lame, some are good. Just a comedy movie.

Star Trek Beyond
It’s a great movie with a great fight and war. And I always like the teamwork. Despite the pro and cons of Justin Lin, Pegg, the Sulu character, etc. No Alice, but we’ll meet Jaylah the new character who, I think, steals the scene. It also has a twist for everyone regarding Krall and Manas. And RIP Leonard Nimoy and Yelchin.

The Handmaiden/Agasshi
Park Chan Wook is known for his promising movie. Well, Handmaiden was adapted from Sarah Waters’ novel. The movie is about a young rich lady, her uncle, a swindler count, and a pickpocket girl who disguised herself as maid. The swindler count works together with pickpocket girl to make the lady fall for him. After getting married, the lady will be killed and they will split the inheritance. But, unfortunately, the lady and maid fall for each other. And the twist begins. It’s quite interesting until the first twist but after that, it’s kinda predictable. The explicit sex scene is kinda disturbing because it’s not that necessary actually. Everyone did the job very well, for the rookie Kim Tae Ri steals the scene.
A Man and A Woman
The movie about a married man and woman who falls for each other. Gong Yoo and Jeon Do Yeon are the main reason wo watch this movie. It’s enjoyable.
Goodbye Single
This time, Kim Hye Soo acts as a different role from the Detective Cha that we’ve seen earlier this year. She transforms into Joo Yeon an actress with a scandal. One day she decides to have a baby. She meets Ji Dan, a mid schooler who got pregnant. The story is enjoyable and simple. It also gives you touching story and I really like a quote from Joo Yeon when she protects Dan Ji. People judge the pregnant girl, meanwhile the boy can still go around anywhere and no one blame him.

Too bad, the first week doesn’t really impress me, so I decided to stop. I guess nothing special.

Cinderella and Four Knights
Based on Baek Myo’s novel, Park So Dam becomes a cinderella in real world living in a big mansion. And the romcom story starts here..

The plot is actually interesting but after watching it, I think it’s just a flat fantasy romcom drama. It’s also strange, about the title. How can writer Oh make a title “W” while actually already killed Kang Chul’s character even before “W” exists. He didn’t have a plan to make W Company but the title of webtoon is “W”. And Oh Yeon Joo, I don’t really like her character as heroine. She’s just too blind and obsessed with unrealistic character from manga. How can she choose manga life and do whatever to save Kang Chul even ignoring her own father. The story is getting weirder and wilder.

Age of Youth
Another slice of life drama. Maybe because the fantasy drama is too mainstream, slice of life drama makes a refreshing thing to watch. I like slice of life drama because ypu can sometimes feel relate to the story or character. I watched it because of the popularity. I love the friendship and their life story amongst these different characters. I like the cool Yoon sunbae. Meanwhile I didn’t realize the crazy Song Ji Won acted as a noble Lady Hyegyoung on Secret Door. She’s just so different!

Train to Busan
The movie is very intense and thrilling from the very first zombie until the last scene. So recommended

The Good Wife
I stop watching it. It’s not really interesting for me.

Moon Lovers
I am afraid I can’t stand the story. IU and Baekhyun’s controversial acting and saeguk drama makes me stop ASAP

Drinking Solo
This is a drinking version of Let’s Eat. This time TvN brings another slice of life drama, when someone is down, drinking solo is the best thing.

The Tunnel
I accidentally said s*it two or three times during the movie. Haha.. It’s really a nightmare for someone who was trapped inside without knowing when the rescue team will come for him. The duration is long enough. Somehow I feel the story is kinda anticlimacs towards the end.

The Last Princess
What I enjoy from this movie is the the casts. It’s not only Son Ye Jin or Park Hae Il. But this movie has a lot of interesting supporting actors, Go Soo, Kim Daw Myung, Kim Jae Wook, Ra Mi Ran, and Kim So Hyun. If you like a historical independence movie, it might suit your taste.

Seoul Station
This is the prequel of Train to Busan. Watch it without sub. Though it’s an animation movie, but it’s quite intense like Train to Busan. The zombies are so scary.

Jealousy Incarnate
We welcome you to the second lead male syndrome, anyone wanna sign up? Sigh. Rating isn’t always everything. Personally I think Hwa Sin is a jerk and he doesn’t deserve to be lead. Pyo Na Ri is also not really my favorite character of Gong Hyo Jin’s.

On the Way to the Airport
I got dejavu feeling, from watching A Man and A Woman. A man who has his own family, and a woman who has her own family. Both are embracing and looking for each other when they’re facing problem. It has a good scoring aspect.

Shopping King Louie
It’s so refreshing and funny. I like the chemistry. I like the funny scenes. Louie and Bokshil are just so cute being together. And what I like from second leads, they are not the typical evil second leads. Instead, there will be a little bromance here.

It doesn’t give my great impression. I guess I’m not into action dramas lately. So.. Skip.

It’s not a memorable movie. A con man vs an evil man. I also think Seo Ye Ji’s character is not really important here.

If you like a politic movie, the dirty bloody action scenes, then it might be your cup of tea.

Stephen King, JJ Abrams, James Franco. Those names may bring your excitement. I haven’t watched scifi series for a long time which I actually enjoy. 11.22.63 has only 8 episodes. The time-travel story and JFK assasination.

The story of grandma who’s searching for her long lost granddaughter. There’s a twist which can be guessed already.

I am enjoying this drama so much. Goblin x Grim Reaper scenes are the funniest. Bickering at each other. Love the fantasy genre. Netizen are giving positive reviews and even some made theory even from the first episode. Wow! The supporting leads usually have important role on Kim Eun Sook’s drama. Can’t wait to see the next eps.

Legend of the Blue Sea
Sorry I gave up already. They are just selling the Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho’s names

Sorry it’s a flop. Unfortunately, Jo Jin Woong can’t help this drama.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
It’s a teenage story who pursuing the dream and love. Easy to watch. Nice comedy.

Age of Shadows
It’s an independence theme movie. The duration is kinda long but it’s actually quite entertaining. The collab of Gong Yoo x Song Kang Ho.

Luck Key
It’s actually a simple movie but quite interesting to watch.

Modern Family season 8
I feel it’s juts too bland lately

Westworld season 1
Seriously I don’t know where they are going to bring the story. I wish the pilot episode was more shocking, more fantastic, or more mindblowing. It’s just too slow I guess.

82. Seven First Kisses
The cheesy story, the illogical romance story lol. Too bad for the ending. They should make it way better than that.
Web Drama

83. A Thousand Years Love
YG web drama? Well, I guess it’s better that Seven First Kisses. Lol.
Web Drama

84. Father, I’ll Take Care of You
Hello family drama! Yup, it’s a family drama. It’s quite interesting and funny. It’s entertaining. I was confised with the family tree at first, but don’t worry too much about the family tree.

85. Solomon’s Perjury
It’s a school drama about the teenager and school problem. A student was found dead. The suspect comes from powerful family. So, the students work together to make a trial for this case. I just don’t really get it, How can a teenage a.k.a studnet make a trial like a real trial? Especially on murder case.
That’s all I guess. I won’t make a new page for the 2017. I am planning to try a new theme instead.